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Goodbye Esquire & Universal HD

Television Channel Notice Upcoming Channel Changes:
June 26: RFD channel now offered in HD on 399
July 1: Esquire Channel (SD 136, HD 366) will no longer be on air
July 1: FamilyNet Channel Rebranded as Cowboy Channel
July 14: Universal HD, (CH 368) will no longer be on air.
These are changes made by the broadcasters, so feel free to contact them with your concerns and questions.

The "Yes" Phone Scam

PBSkids 25 The scam begins when a consumer answers a call and the person at the end of the line asks, “Can you hear me?”  The caller then records the consumer's "Yes" response and thus obtains a voice signature.  This signature can later be used by the scammers to pretend to be the consumer and authorize fraudulent charges via telephone. 
  • Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Let them go to voicemail.
  • If you answer and the caller (often a recording) asks you to hit a button to stop receiving calls, just hang up. Scammers often use these tricks to identify, and then target, live respondents.
  • If you receive a scam call, write down the number and file a complaint with the FCC so they can help identify and take appropriate action to help consumers targeted by illegal callers.
  • Consider registering all of your telephone numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry.

Stream TV online now!

WTVE WEB100 21

Our television customers can now stream live tv, shows, and movies from select channels through the TV streaming service called "Watch TV Everywhere". As long as you are a current subscriber to our TV service there is no extra cost to you! click here to learn how to sign up! Nov 1, 2016

Online BillPay Now Available!

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Online Billpay is now available. Click "BillPay/login" at the top of this page to get started!

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Our local business has served eastern Portage County for over 100 years. We care about our neighbors and we show this by offering the highest quality of customer service, and technology. You may notice our crews throughout the county this spring extending Fiber Optic to new homes and businesses!
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