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What we believe
From horse cart to Light Technology Amherst Communications was started by the people of this community over 115 years ago and became well known as Amherst Telephone Company. Today we have grown into so much more, now offering Internet, TV & phone. There's something special about doing business with people who live in your community. In central Wisconsin people care about each other, and that drives our business practices first and foremost. Here are just some of the local causes that we contribute to.
So, what is light technology? Fiber Optic is able to transmit data much faster and over greater distances. Since it is glass and cannot generate electricity, fiber is immune to all sorts of interference. It is less vulnerable to electrical interference while putting out a superior performance. It isn't effected by weather in the extreme way that satellite service is. This is considered to be the infrastructure of the future and therefor installing it increases the value of your home and value to you. This service will grow with your technology needs into the distant future.


Pick your internet speed and your Level of TV:

  • Due to customer request we now offer many more bundle options.
  • Choose from four different internet speeds for your home - up to 240M.
  • Businesses have speeds over 240M available & symmetrical plans as well!
  • Choose from three different levels of TV.
  • Residential bundles come with domestic long distance and premium call features!

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Things that our customers say:

  • The guys did an awesome job installing and they were very polite and courteous. Great internet speed too!
  • It means a lot to have a support system that we can count on. Good work! -area business
  • I had a router fail . . . and one of the (Amherst Communications) guys showed up in TWO HOURS! Thanks!
  • Thanks for helping my mother set up her remote controller again. It is reassuring to know that she can call you.

Some messages from neighborhoods applying for our service:

  • PLEASE COME! Can't take slow satellite net 1 more yr! causes family Ruckus.
  • I was very impressed years ago when my employee had your internet.
  • We hate satellite internet & limited data. Please come this way. You are a good local company.
  • Very interested in fiber internet, PLEASE expand to our area! Amherst Telephone is user friendly.

map of part of service area


Our service area is growing so fast
Since our service area grows each Spring and Summer, please call or email our office to get the most up-to-date information.

We serve part of Eastern Portage County in Wisconsin
Some of the communities that we serve include: Amherst, Amherst Junction, Rosholt, the towns of Stockton, New Hope, Sharon, Nelsonville, & Lanark, Areas North and East of Stevens Point, and some developements in South Plover. We serve parts of Custer, Farmington, and Iola. We also serve part of Western Waupaca County. Our expansions are directly driven by customer interest, so please call us if you want us to consider your neighborhood next.

We serve businesses too!
Many area businesses are happy customers of ours. Please call today for business pricing. We also now offer high speed Fiber service to the Portage County Business Park & the Amherst Business Park.


Contact Us

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 As a locally-owned business, Amherst Communications loves supporting our community. This is our community too, and we feel lucky to be able to contribute to it's unique character and important causes. When purchasing services we look local first. We work hard to keep the dollars that you invest in us local.


Here are some causes that we support:

Area HS Seniors scholarships
Amherst Portage County Fair
Rosholt Portage County Fair
Lettie Jenson Center
Relay for Life
Tomorrow River Schools Sports
Amherst & Rosholt sports radio announcing
Celebrate Amherst
Lioness/Lions golf tourney
United Way
High School yearbooks
MREA Energy Fair
Boyscouts - wreath sale workspace
FFA Animal Auction
Community Soccer & Baseball
Amherst Falcons Youth Wrestling Club
Many Many more... :)

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