Community Support


As a locally-owned business, Amherst Communications loves supporting our community. This is our community too, and we feel lucky to be able to contribute to it's unique character and important causes. When purchasing services we look local first. We work hard to keep the dollars that you invest in us local.

Below is a list of events and causes that we support:

Area HS Seniors scholarships
Amherst Portage County Fair
Rosholt Portage County Fair
Lettie Jenson Center
Relay for Life
Tomorrow River Schools Sports
Amherst & Rosholt sports radio announcing
Celebrate Amherst
Lioness/Lions golf tourney
United Way
High School yearbooks
MREA Energy Fair
Boyscouts - wreath sale workspace
FFA Animal Auction
Community Soccer & Baseball
Amherst Falcons Youth Wrestling Club
Many Many more... :)



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