Basic Phone with Long Distance

+ tax

Basic Phone Includes

  • Domestic Long Distance* for Residential use
  • Basic Phone service
  • Caller ID name & number
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail

Amherst Communications/Amherst Telephone has been serving its customers with great customer service, prompt trouble response, and the latest technology for over 114 years! Phone service available in select areas including Amherst, Polonia, Rosholt & surrounding areas. Call to inquire about your address today!

Extended Community Calling (ECC) is free with local phone service!

All bundles are subject to surcharges and county, state and federal taxes.

Check out these extra features:

Why get a landline?

911 service! Help finds you.
In an emergency, 911 finds you when you call from a landline – your address automatically displays on their screen. For children, babysitters, and even adults, facing an emergency is traumatic enough. Not knowing the address, or being able to speak, may mean emergency personnel don’t arrive in a timely manner, if at all. Knowing where the phone is during an emergency is highly important. The time it takes to find a cell phone can feel like an eternity when time is critical. (And, what if the battery’s dead? Or it’s in the car?) If you have kids at home, you need a landline — it’s the most reliable connection to 911. Yes, cell phones are great when you’re on the road and have an emergency; however, cell phone GPS systems cannot compete with the accuracy and dependability of a landline 911 connection.

Crisp Clear Connection
When talking on a landline you don’t have to worry about reception. This connection gives you the highest quality voice transmissions – all the time – anywhere in the comfort of your home.

Unlimited local calling
Enjoy calling with that assurance that your landline is going to work. You won’t run out of minutes, or switch into roaming.

Power Outage? No Problem!
With a traditional corded phone, you can keep talking even when the power’s out. This means that you can reach 911, friends and family.

You should never use a wireless phone to give out credit card or other critical data. The encryption technology on mobile phones is not consistent, allowing eavesdropping on mobile phone lines. Eavesdroppers can collect your critical data and use it against your will. Mobile phones also get viruses and malware which can then spy on the device’s user.

*Federal universal Service Fund, WI Police & Fire Protection Fee, WI State USF, County 911 Surcharge, county, state & federal taxes are not included in the prices listed.

See Customer Fair Use Policy for information on the Long Distance

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