Setup a Wired/Wireless Router to Work With DSL

**Save this page, or print it out before going through these steps**

  1. Plug the cable coming from our/your ADSL modem into the WAN/Internet port of your router.
  2. Connect your PC/Laptop directly to your router.

  3. Open up a browser on your computer and go to the IP address specified in the router documentation ie) 

  4. A new window will prompt for a User name and Password. Leave the User name field blank then enter your routers password ("admin" is the default password), then click OK. 

  5. When the routers web-based setup page appears, look for Local IP Address and change it to Leave the Internet Connection Type as Automatic Configuration - DHCP. 

  6. In your router it is recommended to setup your DNS information statically with your primary DNS server being and your secondary DNS server as
  7. Save the information in your router and reboot it if needed. 
  8. Renew the computers IP address by doing the following:

    - Click on Start and then Run 

    - Type "cmd" in the Open field and click OK.

    - When the MS DOS Prompt appears, type ipconfig/release then press [Enter]. 

    - Once the IP address becomes, type ipconfig/renew then press [Enter]. 

  9. - The Default Gateway should now read
  10. You should now be able to connect to the Internet.
  11. If you are not able to get on the internet, try unplugging the power to our/your modem, router, and shutdown your computer. Then power on the modem, then router, and then computer, waiting 15 seconds in between each.

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