Backup Batteries

If your home phone service is provided with our state-of-the-art fiber optic network, it requires electric power to operate. To avoid a disruption of home voice service during a power outage, and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services, we at Amherst Communications/Amherst Telphone offer you battery backup options. In order to make a call during a power outage you must also have a land-line telephone in your home that does not require AC current.

We provide an 8 hour battery backup. This battery will be a reliable backup for approximately 4-6 years, however the length of time that it will maintain phone service will decrease with age. We will send a notification annually to remind you to check the battery. When it is needed, you may pick up your replacement battery at our Amherst office and install it yourself, or have us come and replace it for a trip fee of $25. Once removed, these batteries must be recycled or dropped off at our office for recycling.

You can purchase backup batteries with longer battery life at a battery retail store. Only 12-volt 7.2 Ah sealed lead acid batteries should be used in your battery backup unit (model BP7.2-12 or equivalent). We also offer 24-hour backup batteries for purchase at our office. Please call our office to inquire.

These are our three current models of Uninterruptible Power Storage (UPS), which is the name of the unit that houses the backup battery:


It is your responsability to monitor your backup battery and request a replacement when needed. Each unit has a Battery Indicator, that will light up when the battery needs to be replaced. Some will also be accompanied by an audible alarm. The links below will connect you with the user guide, or informational documents for your UPS Backup Unit. It may be a good idea to check your backup unit during daylight savings each year when you also check the batteries in your smoke alarm.

CS24U12V : User Guide

CSN27U12V-NA2: User Guide

DTC36U12V: Information Brochure

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