How do I setup automatic call back?

* Automatic Call Back will keep trying those busy numbers for up to 30 minutes.

  1. When you receive a busy signal, obtain a dial tone and press "*66", (rotary 1166), your call will be completed.
  2. If the line is busy, you will hear a recording telling you the number is busy. If busy then hang up your phone. If the number becomes available in the next thirty minutes, your call will be completed.
  3. When you hear a special ring, pick up your phone for call completion. If you miss your first ring back, Automatic Call Back will ring you back 2 more times in 5 minute intervals.
  4. You may hear an announcement after answering your special ring stating the line has become busy again. You will have to cancel your request.
  5. To cancel Automatic Call Back, obtain a dial tone and press "*86", (rotary 1186), all previous requests will be canceled. To reactivate, repeat step 1.

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