How do I setup call waiting/cancel call waiting?

* Call waiting alerts a person already on the phone that another call is coming in.

If, during your telephone conversation someone tries to call you, you will hear a "beep". The calling party will not hear a busy signal.To put the existing call on hold and answer the incoming call, depress the receiver button for about half a second or use the flash key. To return to the first call, press and release the receiver button again. You can continue to switch calls by pressing and releasing the receiver button.If you wish to end your original conversation, hang up. Your telephone will ring and the second caller will be on the line.

Cancel Call Waiting can be activated before you make a call or while you are on a call. However you must cancel before a second call comes in. If you are on a call and call waiting is signalled, you can not cancel that call. The cancellation lasts for the duration of the call.

  1. To disable Call Waiting before placing a call: Listen for dial tone, press "*70" (rotary 1170-wait for 4 seconds). When dial tone is heard; dial the number you wish to complete.
  2. To disable Call Waiting during a call, press the receiver button for dial tone. Dial "*70". You will hear 3 beeps tones. initial call can then resume with call waiting disabled for the duration of the call.
  3. Call Waiting automatically restores when call is completed. This feature is automatically included with Call Waiting service.NOTE: Dial Up users should disable call waiting in their dialup prompt to avoid frequent disconnection.


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