How do I setup selective call rejection?

* Blocks calls from numbers you designate and delivers a recorded message to the caller stating you are unavailable.

  1. Press *60
  2. A recorded message tells you how to designate up to six numbers for call screening or to make changes in your list.
  3. To add a number press "#", wait for three tones then press the number to be added. Press the "#" again.
  4. To remove a number from the list, press "*", wait for three tones, then press the number to be removed. Press the "#" again.
  5. To reject the number of the last call you received, such as a harassing call, press the "#", wait for three tones then press "01" in place of the number when prompted by the recording. Press the "#" again. These are called "private entries" when the list is reviewed.

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