How do I setup speed calling?

* Phone frequently called numbers by pressing only one or two digits. Available in 8- or 30-number lists.

  1. Select a one-digit speed code (2 through 9) for Speed Calling 8. Select two-digit code (20 through 49) for Speed Calling 30.
  2. To program Speed Calling 8, press "*74" (rotary dial 1174). Listen for dial tone. For Speed Calling 30, press "*75" (rotary 1175). Listen for dial tone.
  3. Then, press the code you have selected and the complete telephone number it represents, including area code, if required. Two beeps confirm the entry.
  4. To use Speed Calling list, press or dial the code number from your list, and press #. On rotary phones wait 4 seconds instead of dialing #. For example "03#" for Debbie.

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