How do I setup telemarketing control/do not disturb feature?

This service provides your line with an alternate method of handling bothersome telemarketing calls that may be viewed as a nuisance and invasion of personal privacy. This feature was developed to inform callers that you do not want to receive telemarketing calls. To activate this feature pick up your telephone handset and dial *81. When the feature is active, calls with NO incoming caller ID are routed to a recorded announcement stating, "You have called a number which does not accept calls from telemarketers. All other callers may press '1' if they wish to complete the call". If the calling party enters '1', the call gets delivered as any normal call. NOTE: If telemarketers complete the call (by pressing '1'), they will be in violation of FCC rules and are subject to prosecution. Tell this to any violators which disregard your warning message.This feature is deactivated by pressing *82.

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