Setup Email in Windows Mail

  1. In Windows Mail, go to the Tools menu and click on Accounts... 

  2. Click on the Add button in the upper right.

  3. In the Select Account Type window, double-click on E-mail Account.  

  4. In the Your Name window, type in the name you want your recipients to see when they receive your e-mails, then click on Next.

  5. In the Internet E-mail Address window, type in your e-mail address, then click on Next.  

  6. In the Set up e-mail servers window, enter the e-mail server information as shown below. 

  7. In the Internet Mail Logon window, enter your Internet ID and password for your e-mail account (you don't need to enter the password, but if you do, you will automatically log on to the e-mail server every time you open Windows Mail as long as the check is in the box next to Remember Password).

  8. You should see the following screen; click Finish.

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