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Watch TV Everywhere(WTVE) is a service known as Authenticated streaming. You can stream video content from a television channel by authenticating yourself as a current subscriber to our TV service. You’ll be able to watch select channels on your tablet, smart phone, Xbox, Roku and more! This includes live streaming and some shows and movies on demand. There is no extra cost to you for this service!

A minimum of 2.5Mbps Internet is required.

You will only have access to the channels that you subscribe to with ATC, that are also available through WTVE.
Click here to look at the current available channels.

Below are the instructions to sign up. You can register up to four different users under you account number. Each of these users must live in the household that has the account. To assure that your account remains active, do not share it with people outside of your home.


Amherst Telephone Company does not provide tech support for the various apps and websites that you will access with WTVE. See page bottom for details.*

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To Stream TV through watchtveverywhere.com follow these steps: 1. Sign up at Watchtveverywhere.com by selecting Amherst Telephone, Tomorrow Valley as your provider, Click on Register and fill out the form, check your email, and click on the activation link in the email. Now you can log in to watchtveverywhere on the website watchtveverywhere.com and watch TV streaming online through a browser. You can also load apps to your devices and watch through those apps by following various methods of signing in, that vary by the app. Enjoy the freedom of online streaming!We do not support the many apps and websites that the channels provide for TV streaming, due to the fact that they are developed and offered by other companies. Please seek tech support directly with the channels and with the manufacturers of your devices. Thank you.

*Watch TV Everywhere is a separate company from Amherst Telephone (ATC).You will use this separate service to access websites and apps for TV channels. These apps and channel websites are also NOT managed by ATC.

Since these sites are not run by ATC, we are not able to offer technical support. If you have trouble accessing these websites & apps using your computer or streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Xbox...) you must troubleshoot directly your streaming device’s manufacturer (Roku, Apple, Xbox), your computer’s manufacturer (Apple, Microsoft), or the app provider. We are happy to troubleshoot the Internet connection and assist you with signing up for WatchTVEverywhere.

These apps and websites offer a wide variety of user experience, since they are developed by many different companies. Many of them are high quality, entertaining experiences.

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